NEW Divers Helmet Camera
Seaspy Model DHC-5

Learn more »Only 29mm diameter with 700 TVL performance in an rugged Titanium housing.

NEW Ultra Bright LED
Underwater Video Light

Learn more »Variable using voltage or current at up to 2 Amps for 250 Watt Halogen equivalent. Built in temperature control for safe use above or below water. Direct replacement for Halogen lamps for more light, less power and longer cables.

NEW Seaspy Model SSE
Video control unit

Learn more »Video unit with built in Digital Video Recorder and Text overlay for use with our Seaspy underwater video cameras and lights.

NEW Stand Alone
Digital Video Recorders

Learn more » Portable and Rack mount Digital Video Recorders with Text overlay.

NEW Inspection Spyball
Control Unit model SCPI-B

Learn more »The control unit with built in Digital Video Recorder and Text overlay for use with the Inspection Spyball.

NEW Digital Radio
Multi Spyball System

Learn more »Developed for aquaculture feed control the equipment provides selection and control of up to 99 Spyballs at up to 800 metres with simultaneous video display from up to 4 Spyballs. Now with optional surface camera and Spyball depth control winch.

Metal Halide
Underwater Floodlight

Learn more »Very efficient 150 Watt Metal Halide Underwater Floodlight with output equivalent to almost 800 Watts of Halogen light.

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Submersible and Marine equipment manufacturers

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Submertec are Submersible and Marine equipment manufacturers based in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Our products are designed and built in house at our manufacturing facility. Our products are designed for use underwater or in harsh environments and include video systems, lights and instrumentation. As Submersible and Marine equipment manufacturers we use state of the art CAD systems for mechanical and electronic design to give us the ability to modify existing designs and develop new ones to meet the needs of our customers.

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